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large scale ground investigation

Geotechnical Consultancy

Following on from the intrusive investigation, GIS can prepare separate geotechnical or geoenvironmental reports, or both where they need to be combined.


The reports give a factual account of the fieldwork and laboratory testing carried out and an appraisal of the ground conditions, and where required recommendations for the various solutions available to deal with the issues relating specifically to the development and end use of that site.


In terms of the geotechnical considerations, we are trained and experienced in a wide range of studies including:


• Providing Coal Mining Risk Assessments

• Investigating Shallow Mine Workings and Entries

• Looking for Solution Features

• Determining cost effective Foundation Solutions

• Assessing Ground Treatment Options

• Carrying out Slope Stability Assessments and Failure Investigations

• Investigating House Subsidence Claims

• Advising and Supervision on Earthworks Contracts




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